A.A.T. spol. s r.o. Company normally provides all audit services, including audit-related advice, consultation on accounting issues, tax advice, financial and economic consulting, as well as, bookkeeping and other services.

A.A.T. spol. s r.o. Company has on staff experienced tax advisers registered by the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic. We are ready to provide comprehensive services in specialized tax advice.

A.A.T. spol. s r.o. Company is able to provide an assessment activities in terms of meeting the definition of research and development, processing of individual research and development projects, development of related internal regulations and the introduction of separate records of expenditures (costs) of research and development.

A.A.T. spol. s r.o. Company carries out audits of projects that are financed from the structural funds of the European Union.

A.A.T. spol. s r.o. Company works closely with several reputable law firms and entities providing expert services. This collaboration makes it possible to provide clients with a comprehensive service in the implementation of business, which include company transformations, crisis management, restructuring, and many others.

A.A.T. spol. s r.o. Company cooperates with AUDITA vzdělávání, s.r.o. Company, which prepares for us and our clients the current seminars on the issues of the economy, taxes and accounting.